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Kiersten Mailler

GPLEX Director
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Kiersten Mailler joins the Economy League as its new GPLEX Director for the program's 16th year. The program is designed to connect practitioners, professionals, and movers/shakers in order to "build civic muscle" within the region and to showcase the successes of other great US cities that may be adopted in Philadelphia.

Kiersten joins ELGP by way of a steadily advancing urban planning career in which she worked in a variety of planning and planning-adjacent roles. Hailing originally from Western Massachusetts and then Boston, Kiersten has quickly grown roots in Philadelphia. She served Delaware County's Planning Department as a Senior Planner in the Community and Regional section before joining the small but mighty women-owned civic engagement firm Connect the Dots. Through these roles, Kiersten ran a huge variety of projects on multi-disciplinary teams with towns, cities, neighborhoods, corporations, and master planning teams, all in service of incorporating meaningful citizen engagement for long-term impact. Kiersten's unique attention to and passion for human-centered design, equitable civic space, and urbanism, along with her extensive experience planning and executing large-scale events, makes her an exciting pick for GPLEX Director. Her pursuits within ELGP will extend to multiple sectors as she continues to facilitate impactful collaboration in the region.