Lenfest North Philadelphia Workforce Employer Council Deep Dive

With direction from Temple University’s Lenfest Center for Community Workforce Partnerships, the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia (ELGP) conducted the Temple University Employer Council Deep Dive (hereafter referred to as the “Deep Dive”) to identify data-driven, employer-informed opportunities to increase the hiring, retention, and advancement of talent in North Philadelphia. The following report details the findings and recommendations discovered through this project.

To identify shared challenges among employers, the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia conducted interviews with members of Temple University’s Employer Council, extrapolating common themes among the differing perspectives. ELGP then analyzed the current programs under the Lenfest North Philadelphia Workforce Initiative’s (LNPWI) Opportunities for Workforce Leadership (OWL) Collective to evaluate the network’s capacity to meet these common challenges. In comparing employers’ shared experiences to the resources offered by the OWL Collective, ELGP was able to identify ways to maximize the benefit of this partnership for both parties.


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