Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange (GPLEX)

GPLEX has been building civic muscle since 2005, convening diverse cross-sector leaders for highly curated learning-and-networking experiences. In 2023 our signature GPLEX Conference will be held in NEW ORLEANS!

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If you are an emerging or established civic leader seeking to ‘find your tribe,’ the Economy League's Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange is for you. With over 1,200 alums in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, we are working to deepen connectivity and create spaces for collective solutioneering. 

Through a combination of in-region programming and highly curated learning and networking field trips to other cities, GPLEX provides a unique opportunity to meet our region's present and future movers and shakers and see our region through the lens of another.

Since 2005 GPLEX has been helping to build civic muscle by exposing participants to cutting-edge policies, organizations, and programs in other regions and strengthening a diverse community of cross-sector leaders who are shaping a truly greater Philadelphia. 

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The 2023 GPLEX Conference will take place in NEW ORLEANS from Sept 30-Oct 3!


In response to demand from GPLEX alums, we decided to expand our GPLEX program offerings beyond a 3-day, once-a-year conference.  In 2022 we launched a series of lower-cost, lower-commitment in-region programs called GPLEX 360 to provide even more opportunities for learning and networking. Sign up for the GPLEX newsletter and get plugged in! 





Over 1,200 emerging and established Philadelphia leaders have discovered the power of the GPLEX network.  Read some of their testimonials here...

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Past GPLEX Conferences

Since 2005 the Economy League has convened cross-sector Philadelphia leaders in peer cities to help us see our region through the lens of another.

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Conference cost includes Hotel Accommodations and All Meals.