APRIL FRONTPAGE: 2022 PAGE Accountability Framework

PAGE 2022 Accountability Framework


Metrics that matter 


Those of you who follow and support our work know that Mayor Kenney recently announced PAGE’s Impact Challenge of $75,000,000 in net new spend with diverse suppliers by the procurement departments of Philadelphia anchor institutions in the upcoming calendar year. At PAGE, we are working closely with the talented team at Stimulus, Inc. to develop an Accountability Framework of metrics and procedures to track our collective progress towards this challenge. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the civil unrest of 2020, many institutions across government and the private sector have come forward to express their commitment to economic justice and racial equity. But we all know that only things that get measured, matter in this data-driven economy.


For that reason, PAGE welcomes the responsibility to develop a common structure of accountability for the anchor institutions we partner with. Many of our participating anchors, community partners, minority business owners, and board members with cross-sector expertise continue to help shape the discussion and decision-making process around this framework. We are fortunate to collaborate with a rich network of diverse stakeholders.  And it is precisely the collaborative nature of diverse leadership in this city that makes Philadelphia uniquely positioned to become an exemplary model for inclusive economic prosperity.  


Stay tuned for further updates on the release of our Accountability Framework coming later this month. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Melina Harris ([email protected]) with any comments or questions.

PAGE Accountability Framework