Introducing the World Class Global Positioning Strategies

From its launch four years ago, the Economy League’s World Class Greater Philadelphia initiative has been based on the premise that the only way we can make real progress on some of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing our region is through sustained, collaborative effort – and that means starting from a shared agenda.


Today, I’m thrilled to announce the roll-out of Global Positioning Strategies (or GPSes) for Greater Philadelphia that will get us an important step closer to that shared agenda. These World Class GPSes outline a set of goals, priority strategies, and key indicators for improving education outcomes and boosting business growth in Greater Philadelphia to help focus and guide cross-sector collaboration for regional impact. (A third GPS focused on World Class infrastructure for our region will be released later this year.) They are the culmination of a multi-year regional priority setting and strategy development effort facilitated by the Economy League that has engaged more than 1,500 cross-sector leaders across our region.


In the weeks leading up to our third annual World Class Summit on March 18th, we will be unveiling the content of the Education & Talent Development and Business Growth GPSes through a special series of email newsletters and content posted on the World Class website. (See below for an upcoming release schedule of World Class GPS content by topic.)


World Class Education & Talent and Business Growth GPS Release Schedule


Tuesday, February 12: Early Childhood Education 


Tuesday, February 19: Starting Businesses


Friday, February 22: K-12 Education


Tuesday, February 26: Growing Businesses 


Friday, March 1: Postsecondary Credentials 


Tuesday, March 5: Selling to the World        


Friday, March 8: Workforce Readiness      


Tuesday, March 12: Looking Ahead 


At the Summit on March 18th (5:30 pm at WHYY), we will explore the Education & Talent Development and Business Growth GPS strategies in more depth and highlight some exciting initiatives and early implementation efforts related to the World Class agenda.


I want to give my deepest thanks to our World Class strategy development partners at the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey for education and talent development and the CEO Council for Growth for business growth. Last year, in partnership with these leading regional civic organizations, we convened cross-sector strategy teams made up of business executives, civic leaders, and issue experts to identify the most promising short- and long-run strategies to achieve the World Class education and talent development and business growth goals. The recommendations of these strategy teams have served as the foundation for the GPSes.


Releasing the Education & Talent Development and Business Growth GPSes – and soon the Infrastructure GPS in partnership with ULI Philadelphia – marks a key milestone for the ongoing World Class effort. We couldn’t have reached this point without the leadership and support of our World Class co-chairs Steve Altschuler, Jane Pepper, Wendell Pritchett, and Jerry Sweeney; our strategy team co-chairs Tony Bartolomeo, Bernie Dagenais, Antonio Fiol-Silva, Sid Hargro, Russ Kaufman, Jill Michal, Bob Moul, and Bill Rhodes; the Economy League board; and our World Class supporters.


The attention of the Economy League and its World Class partners now turns toward implementing the GPS strategies. In addition to our new World Class newsletter, we will be using other new communications tools to provide updates on the initiative, highlight ways to get involved, and build a shared understanding about the opportunities and challenges facing our region.


So keep an eye out for these newsletters in the coming weeks and let us know what you think – and how you want to be involved in this emerging shared agenda for a World Class Greater Philadelphia.