Building Towards Equity


Over the last few years, PAGE has achieved a lot! From raising $125,000 in grant funds from impact investors to the creation of the Hurdle Fund and helping a local business purchase a piece of critical machinery, to supporting EMSCO’s growth as they expand into a brand-new building, we have seen many successes, both big and small. And while we are proud of these more visible accomplishments, they are only a fraction of what we do here at PAGE. Our team's most important work is often behind the scenes, helping to adjust policies, make introductions, and provide resources that make it viable for disadvantaged communities to participate in our city's economy. We understand the value of consistent effort and we are working to build a team that will continue to push our city forward for many years to come.


J’nelle Lawrence has been promoted to Deputy Executive Director of the Economy League and I am honored to step into her role as PAGE Director.


We are currently seeking a Community Manager to facilitate a meaningful connection between the minority business community and our supporting anchor institutions as well as other support organizations. With these changes, we strive to deepen our commitment to an equitable Philadelphia and expand the scope of our work here at PAGE. Please feel free to share this opportunity with your networks as you see fit.


Please feel free, valued PAGE stakeholders, to reach out to me at [email protected]