New Economy League Report Provides Roadmap for North Philadelphia Workforce Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic lockdown created very challenging times for Philadelphia workers and businesses. Created before the pandemic, Temple University's Lenfest North Philadelphia Workforce Initiative (LNPWI) has been addressing some of the most challenging structural barriers to labor force participation and talent retention in North Philadelphia. In response to the new challenges posed by the post-pandemic labor market, LNPWI and the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, with the support of the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative, have produced the Employer Council Deep Dive Report. This report explores the most urgent hiring and retention challenges employers face in this post-pandemic landscape.   


The report explores the challenges faced by workers and employees alike in North Philadelphia and provides real solutions. In addition, the report highlights the critical role local hiring institutions and employer workforce training play in rebuilding the Philadelphia workforce equitably.   


"We found that employers have an incredible opportunity to tap into local North Philadelphia talent by engaging LNPWI's resources and connecting with the numerous workforce development organizations in the community," noted Taylor Stenley, MPP, Economy League Workforce Fellow and lead author of the report.   


"This report directly ties in with the Economy League's longstanding mission to use data and insights to formulate shared solutions. We are always excited when our research can bring together a diverse group of neighborhood-based stakeholders who can leverage their community-based expertise and resources to address barriers to employment," added Economy League Research Director Michael Shields.  


"We are grateful for the partnership with the Economy League, which has provided actionable strategic intelligence since the founding of LNPWI in 2018," said Shirley Moy, Executive Director of Lenfest Center for Community Workforce Partnerships.  
The report is ready for review and can be accessed at:   
LNPWI, the ELGP, and WPSI plan to host a symposium entitled "Advancing Place-Based Workforce Solutions" early in 2023 to discuss the LENFEST NORTH PHILADELPHIA WORKFORCE INITIATIVE'S EMPLOYER COUNCIL DEEP DIVE REPORT. For more information or to join the planning committee, please email Claire Pope ([email protected]).   
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