October Roundup

Economy League staff shares compelling reads on compelling subjects.


Killing SEPTA transfer fees, charging for parking differently — it's all in Philly's new transportation plan: The City of Philadelphia released what may be its most ambitious and concretely detailed transportation plan earlier this month. Called CONNECT, the seven-year plan details the goals, strategies and tactics officials hope will address the city’s most pressing transportation challenges, including increased congestion, declining bus ridership, and a bike commuting trend that’s gone flat. Click here to read the full article.


Philly maps 10-year course toward building, preserving 100,000 housing units: Detailing the strategies Philadelphia hopes to employ to create or preserve 100,000 units of housing in the next 10 years, the city’s new housing plan was released on October 10. The plan received a largely warm welcome from City Council members and housing industry insiders who had reviewed it by the end of the day. Click here to read the full article.