People: Chelsey Lowe

Each month for Citizen's Business, I'll be interviewing a member of our staff or board, to get to know them a little better.  This month I interviewed one of our newest staff members, Chelsey Lowe. Chelsey is the Impact Labs Program Manager, and has been working hard on building the Well City Challenge. You can read more about her here

-Farwa Zaidi, Office Manager


Farwa: What made you interested in the work you do? 

Chelsey: I was particularly drawn to working on the Well City Challenge because of it’s focus on mental health and social entrepreneurship. My grandmother was vocal about mental health. After she passed away last summer, this seemed like the perfect way to honor her.


F: How were you introduced to ELGP? 

C: I first heard about Philadelphia Anchors for Growth and Equity (PAGE) while working at The Enterprise Center. I only learned about the Well City Challenge because of a referral from my friend Opeola Bukola.


F: What’s the last thing you really geeked out about? 

C: Lately, I have been playing with pastel paints. It started as an art therapy activity I chose to survive the winter.


F: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

C: A meteorologist or an entertainment lawyer.


F: What advice would you give to a younger you? 

C: Follow your curiosity. Practice disciplined gratitude. Trust your intuition.


F: Lastly, what’s something that’s helped you get through quarantine? 

C: Faith, journaling, and jumping rope.