People: J'nelle Lawrence

Each month for Citizen's Business, I'll be interviewing a member of our staff or board, to get to know them a little better.  This month I interviewed J'nelle Lawrence, our resident PAGE Director who has been working at The Economy League for a little over a year! You can read more about her here

-Farwa Zaidi, Office Manager


Farwa: What made you interested in the work you do?

J'nelle: I love networking and meeting new people and I also love helping people. So this role is the perfect fit for me! I get to meet small and diverse business owners and help them get an opportunity to compete for anchor contracts and opportunities. 


F: How were you introduced to ELGP?

J: I was introduced to ELGP by one of my colleagues, Supplier Diversity Director at Drexel University, Allen Riddick. Allen mentioned to me that ELGP was looking for a PAGE Director and he thought I would be a perfect fit! I submitted my application on the last day of the job posting, and Jeff called me almost immediately. The rest is history! 


F: What's the last thing you really geeked out about?

J: My hat and headwrap obsession is real! During quarantine I've come across a few women-owned hat and headwrap companies and I totally geek out every time I get a new one delivered!


F: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

J: EVERYTHING! I was involved in so many activities that I wanted to do it all! Ha! I was really into sports growing up too, so my brother and I would always say that one day we would own a professional sports team together. 


F: What advice would you give to a younger you?

J: Laugh as often as you can and don’t stress the small stuff. 


F: Lastly, what's something that's helped you get through quarantine?

J: My faith, my family, and Facetime calls!  Throughout quarantine my family would hop on Facetime together. At any given moment we would have up to 8 people on a call. We still continue with these calls on birthdays or just randomly and they are so much fun!