By Neferteri Strickland


Reflecting on GPLEX2021, my first exchange, I became hyperaware of the historical significance of the region I call home. Meeting GPLEXers like Dr. Deborah Roebuck, founder and CEO of "Going Through the Change" and Executive Director of the "Global Philadelphia Association", Zabeth Teelucksingh, has broadened and deepened my network in a meaningful way. My favorite moment of GPLEX 2021 was hearing a "How we fix Philly" suggestion while walking to our dine-around experience at Harp and Crown on Samson Street.
In my preparation for GPLEX 2022, I’ve been researching the Detroit region to better understand their education system, sectors of industry, and overall cultural identity. I am excited to explore the nuances that mirror Philadelphia's that I believe will have a profound impact on my work. From Big Sean and Meek Mills to Boston Coolers and Cheesesteaks, I am certain this exchange will help me better understand how two American cities, impacted by the Great Migration, will build back better.

Although an alumna, I am still a GPLEX NOOB, working to design a place for it and all of its benefits into my process. In my recent LinkedIn posts, I have led with the hashtag #RESET23 to signal to my community that I am in assessment and evaluation mode. My sensors are fully extended and in input mode. I am certain our GPLEX leadership team will select a 2023 exchange city that will deepen and broaden our understanding of how to use retrospection as a tool for futures planning, because we will be ready.
Bio: Neferteri Strickland is a Cybertechnology Strategist, podcast host, military officer and adjunct professor who aligns with her communities through emerging technology initiatives in K-20 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.