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Abramowitz: Why I GPLEX

There is one week every year when my phone goes on “Do Not Disturb” and I dedicate all of my energy to learning from the people that surround me. This week is GPLEX. As leaders from a wide range of industry sectors, government offices, and innovators come together we have an opportunity to see what new and exciting projects are taking hold in Philadelphia and around the country and learn about how we can build upon the great work of others to make change happen in the Philadelphia region. GPLEX has been a place to catch up with colleagues and friends, and most importantly meet and get to know upcoming leaders in our business and philanthropic communities. This year we travel to Detroit, where I once resided, and I am super excited to learn from those doing truly remarkable things in a host of industry sectors and in the social service fields. I look forward to this coming GPLEX, and those that will follow.  


Jeffrey Abramowitz
Executive Director of Justice Partnerships
JEVS Human Services