Latina Woman smiling in yellow blouse.

Melina Harris

PAGE Director
Contact Information
Melina Harris (she/her) is the PAGE Director. Working closely with Kenyatta, Melina works to bring greater transparency, clarity, and operational efficiency to the frameworks and processes used to drive equitable and inclusive economic growth for our city’s local businesses. Prior to this role, Melina spent over 5 years in the financial services industry, where she underwrote loans for small to medium-sized businesses across the country. She is passionate about democratizing the financial sector and excited about developing innovative ways to measure and track social impact.

In 2021, Melina graduated from the University of Vermont’s Sustainable Innovation MBA program with a focus on impact investment. She received her BA in Science, Technology, and Society from Vassar College with a minor in Public Policy Economics. Originally from Boston, she never liked football until she moved to Philadelphia in 2017. She currently lives in Germantown and loves listening to, dancing to, and playing live music.